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Risk management.

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Most companies do not have the resources to have in-house expertise for risk management. As a result, these companies have considerable exposure to market volatility which can adversely affect their overall financial and operational performance.


At DW-A, we strongly believe that managers should have access to tools and information that will help them fully understand and monitor risk. With a robust strategy, managers can make sound decisions that positively impact the business and reduce susceptibility to market swings.

Our value proposition is to provide the most advanced risk management techniques to companies with exposure to commodities, foreign exchange and debt markets. The techniques we use are tried and tested with proven success in fields such as portfolio and fund management. 

DW-A is not a typical consulting firm that offers a one-time service. DW-A offers a comprehensive and continuous solution to a customer's financial exposure; analyzing, monitoring and advising on changes in the different components of their business environment.

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Risk & Cash

According to our customers’ challenges - tenders, temporary projects, or business units – our team assists on the definition of the market variables and factors (ex. commodities prices, foreign exchange rates, yield rates, credit default risk, etc.) and their impact on the company's bottom line.

Our team analyzes historical information of the different variables and studies their behavior as portfolio for building models and indicators that help us to understand and monitor market risk.

Analytical services gives customers a comprehensive analysis of their risk profile.

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Our team works hand in hand with the client to build a strategy that adjusts risks according to the customers' objectives. Our team optimizes the portfolio using the right financial products to help fulfill the customer's strategy (i.e. options, futures, etc.).

Strategy services delivers clients a strategy based on the customer's risk policy statement.

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Our team provides assistance in establishing medium- and long-term contracts as well as expertise in trading derivative contracts (i.e. options, futures, etc.) to ensure customers execute their risk management strategy.

Execution services assists clients in executing the strategy established according to their objectives.

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Stock Exchange


Financial risk is part of every firm so at DW-A, we approach using a holistic portfolio, so no matter the complexity of your industry, our team is prepared to handle it.

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